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How to care for your mare and foal

After you breed your mare to a stallion of choice, your mare will immediately show signs of pregnancy in her symptoms. Symptoms will include:
- Increased Hunger
- Grumpy
- Angry
- Decreased Stats
Instead of the normal .80 point decrease in health, she will now lose .90 daily. Please give her appropriate feed to make up for more hunger. She'll be eating for two!

Your mare's gestation period (time of pregnancy) will last 7 days from the day of breeding.  Please supplement her with one cup of Mare-Care daily, including the day she is impregnated. Without Mare-Care, the foals stats may be less than average and her chances of having a heat cycle after birth will be lower. Keep your mare at a slightly higher body condition, 4-7 is best. Higher or lower than that can cause complications at birth.

After the 7 day gestation period, you will be notified that she will give birth soon when you come online. The birth can take up to two hours. When your foal is born, please claim it with /h claim. If you plan on vaccinating or branding, please do so at this time. You do not have to neuter right away, but if you would like to, you may. 

Day 1:
After the foal is born, it will nurse off the mother for 7 days. The foal will not need feed or water, its mother will still need .90 worth of feed daily. Mare-Care supplement can be eliminated now. Please keep the dam and foal together during this period.

Day 8:
After the foal stage, he/she will turn into a yearling. Your yearling will still be small sized, but they can be weaned from their mother. A yearling will eat 5 cups of Foal-Mix per day. Your yearling will follow around other horses, think of this as him/her trying to make friends. You can sell the yearling or transfer ownership at this stage. Worms are common in this stage.

Day 15:
Yearling stage will pass, and adolescent comes in. Your adolescent horse can now be ridden and will eat like an adult, taking in .80 points per day. At this stage, he/she cannot breed yet. Worms are common in this stage.

Day 21: 
Your horse is now an adult! He/she is now able to breed.
3 months ago
Here you can add suggestions and ideas for the server! Watch carefully, we may add it!

Put your ideas or suggestions in the replies of this thread.
Ideas must include:
1. What it's used for (Making money, for fun, ect.)
2. How it works (Explain it!)
3. Why we should add it (Back up your ideas!)
4 months ago
Warning and Ban Information
In this forum is a description of things that may happen if you break the rules!

These rules are subject to change at ANY moment.

How many warnings make a ban?
Warnings can be given for many different things! Warnings will stay on your record as a player and are unable to be removed. Warnings can be given for things like spamming chat, excessive use of capital letters, minor griefing, arguing with players, being disrespectful, and many more! As a server, we have a limit to just how much we can tolerate.
Warnings given should not be argued over, if you have a serious problem with a warning you were given, you can ask to get it appealed and provide a good reason to have it appealed.

8 Chat Related Warnings (Capitals, spam, long chats, inappropriate behavior in chat, ect.) = 5 Day Temporary Ban.

6 Incomplete Barn Payments Warnings (Building, but not paying) = 3 Day Temporary Ban, 7 Day Creative Mode Ban (After the temporary ban)

4 Refusals To Comply To A Simple Request (Being asked to not do something, but continuing) = 3 Day Temporary Ban

2 Griefing Warnings (Destroying the property of others) = 8 Day Temporary Ban

3 Stealing Warnings (Taking another persons property) = 8 Day Temporary Ban, Must Pay Worth of Stolen Items or Give Back If Possible

5 Disrespect Warnings (Insults, excessive cursing at someone, unnecessary snappiness) = 5 Day Temporary Ban

5 Issue Starters (Starting fights with players or staff, arguing constantly, general unfriendliness) = 7 Day Temporary Ban

3 Warnings of Intentionally Getting Other Players Horse's Sick (Bringing your extremely contagious horse around other horses) = 7 Day Temporary Ban, Forced Payment Of Vet Bills Of The Horses That Got Sick

Anyone can be warned for anything, these are just some examples of what can get you banned! 

Here's what can get you permanently banned for:

Trolling (Only on the server to annoy and harass players and staff) = Permanent ban, no chance of appeal.

Extreme Griefing (Destroying a whole building or area of land) = Permanent ban, slim chance of appeal.

Attempting to Return Paid Features (Back charging or disputing payments) = Permanent ban, no chance of appeal.

Having Cheats/Mods (Item spawners, X-Ray, other cheats/mods) = Permanent ban, no chance of appeal.

Cheating Money (Over $100,000) = Permanent Ban, slim chance of appeal

If you have any questions on what will or will not get you a ban or warning, please message us.

4 months ago
These rules and requirements are subject to change at any time.


All stalls should be properly bedded with shavings.
All stalls should be provided with at least one bucket of water.
All stalls must be paid for.

Water Access

There should be an easily accessed well, or infinity pool for access to water. Lakes, ponds or pools will not count as a proper water source.

Waste Management

Your facility must be scheduled on the waste management list.
Waste must be properly stored in a designated 3 sided structure, a roofed building, or some type of building.
Waste should NOT be stored in a chest.

Waste storage area must be paid for.

Vaccinations and Vet Records

An organization system should be in place for storing any horse's records.
Most horses should be up to date on vaccinations at the time of inspection.


All facilities must have a quarantine area.
The quarantine facility should be a safe distance away from the main facility, in a low traffic area.
Each quarantine stall should have at LEAST 3 blocks between the neighboring stall, not including the walls.

The quarantine facility should have at least half the amount of regular stalls. (Ex. 16 regular stalls should have 8 quarantine stalls.)

Feed and Shavings Storage

If either of these are not complete, you will fail your barn inspection.
All feed bags with feed in them must be placed. Feed bags with feed in them cannot be stored in a chest, or another shulker. Empty feed bags can be stored in a chest.
All shavings must also be placed. They cannot be stored in a chest or shulker. A load of shavings MUST be in a storage area. Bagged shavings must also be placed. (Ex. A shavings barn, a 3 sided structure or in the barn.) Empty shavings bags can be stored in a chest.


At the end of your inspection, the inspector will give you an approximate score. Generally, if two minor questions are failed, you can pass the barn inspection. You will receive your pass/fail ticket within 1-2 days of your inspection. On the ticket will be an expiration date. When the ticket expires, you must apply and schedule a new inspection. 

Any visiting player, boarder, employee or staff member can report your barn for an inspection violation at any given time. If a violation report is made on your barn, our inspectors will create a private investigation on your barn whether you are online or not. Depending on the severity of the report, you may be fined for violating inspection rules.

5 months ago
New Black Market Products
Can only be purchased on the online store!
+ Immortality Token
+ Instant Health Token
+ Eternal Health Token
+ EquestriToken

The Immortality Token gives horses the ability to never die through illness! There are two versions of this token, one being a token that wears off after ownership is transferred, and the other being a token that never wears off, and the horse will never die. The ones being granted to all horse owners is the token that wears off after purchasing.

The Instant Health Token is very valuable when a horse is ill beyond repair. When a horse has a negative body score and several diseases, and some are incurable, this token is perfect for horses that have been previously neglected. This token cures the horse of all ailments and sets the body score to a perfect 4.0 and hydration to a perfect 5.0. It provides a new quality of life for this special horse!

The Eternal Health Token is an extremely valuable tool to any horse owner that can't quite keep up with the care of their horses. A horse that has been granted the Eternal Health Token will require no care at all. No feeding, watering, vet care, hoof care, dental care, grooming, and no manure! Your horse will always have a perfect body score and always have healthy symptoms.

An EquestriToken is a secondary currency. Worth $10,000, this token can be used in place of the normal currency. Instead of paying $20,000 to breed your horses, you can pay with two EquestriTokens. Keep these tokens safe!

6 months ago