Update 3.0 4 months ago
Equestriworlds 3.0 was brought on for one of our biggest updates ever. This update was our most realistic and interactive update. In addition to our realistic aspects, this also brought on our custom barn/plot plugin which allowed us to customize everything from the flags, to the barn shop to make purchases on a plot. Equestriworlds 3.0 can be broken up into a few categories.

- Custom Barn/Plots
- Veterinary Care/Vaccinations
- Grooming
- Feeding/Watering (Health and Hydration)
- Mucking Stalls
- Basic Horse Breeds
- Basic Horse Ages
- Basic Horse Breeding Cycle/Mare Heat Cycle

All of these categories will be broken down with the basics of how it works below:

Each plot is a 250x250 area for you to build your dream barn. One plot costs$50,000. Before building, you must purchase what you want to buy with /b shop. The barn shop contains all buildable things from stalls to houses. Custom arena size selection is an easy to use feature that allows any size four-corner arena. Circular or oval arenas must be calculated by the largest dimension.

There are multiple permission ranks that you can allow your friends or other players to be based on what they should have permission to use on your plot.
- Friend: Allows Friend to ride, use all useable blocks/items, and build only when the plot owner is online.
-Trustee: Allows all of the above, and can also build at any time.
- Admin: Allows all of  the above, as well as making any purchases on the plot, adding and removing any other people to the plot, and adding flags to the plot. Be careful who you allow as an Admin.

Barn flags only consisted of the following: useblock and placeblock. A public flag asks for the items you want guests to be able to use.
Usage: /b flag add useblock [tab to see list of available blocks]
After this flag is added, any guest can use the blocks you allow.
Or, if you want to allow guests to break and place blocks, use /b flag add placeblock [tab to see list of available blocks]

Barns also allow the plot owners to ban and unban guests from their plots. A player banned from a plot cannot visit or enter your plot.

See what is purchased on your plot with /b see. And see the worth of your barn, added players, and the plot number with /b info.

Veterinary Care/Vaccinations:
All horses should have vaccinations. Vaccinations last 30-35 days. Some vaccinations however, aren't strong enough to resist a contagious horse (EHV, Strangles).
A healthy horse will display good symptoms on /h symptoms. When a horse is ill, he or she will display symptoms of the ailment it has. For example, a cut will have the symptoms of pain, bleeding, or swelling. You may want to contact a vet to make sure, and to ask how you should treat it.
Veterinarians can run tests to confirm an illness. Tests can be run on almost all illnesses except for visual ailments (cuts, thrush). Tests can be taken with samples of skin, feces, blood, urine, fur/coat, nasal swab, saliva, and and X-Ray and Ultrasound can be performed on the horse. After a minute wait, the vet will receive results of the test which can be given to the owner.
After tests are given, your vet will provide a perscription that you can pick up at the pharmacy and how to care for the illness the next couple days.
Vets can also perform surgery on a few ailments such as: a bone chip, broken cannon bone, a botulism procedure, and a castration procedure. Each surgery is a GUI multiple choice "test" to test the vets ability to perform a surgery. In each surgery there is often one wrong answer that could be fatal to the horse. It's important that the vet recognizes this choice and remembers that it could be a fatal mistake.

Grooming: See "Horse Care" forum.
Grooming is a huge part of horse care, a horse deprived of grooming can often get mange and thrush. 

Feeding/Watering: See "Feeding Information" forum.
Horses need food and water to stay healthy and hydrated! Buy your feed at Kellour Co!

Mucking Stalls
The most famous part of owning a horse is mucking stalls. Horses poop and pee daily when standing on shavings. Clean their stalls when they get dirty! You can order bags or loads of shavings at Kellour Co. There are different color pitchforks, each of them have a different damage value, the blue pitchfork lasts the longest!

Basic Horse Breeds:
All horses have a breed, when joining back on to 3.0 your horse will have a line of text in /h info that says "Choose Breed". At the bottom of the /h info chat, there's a clickable text line that says [Choose Breed]. This allows you to pick the breed you want the horse to be. 
If you do not pick the horses breed it will not have a real breed. It will say a breed, but it is not the real one until you pick it.

Basic Horse Ages
There are 4 age groups in 3.0. Colt/Filly, Yearling, Adolescent, and Adult. Colts and Fillies need to stay with their birth mother until the yearling age. If they get separated, the foal will not eat from a different mare.
A yearling is able to eat the Foal-Mix feed from the feed bowl and should be separated from its dam. If necessary, it can eat other feeds from your hand.
An adolescent is an adult size horse and can be ridden. An adolescent cannot breed, and will eat like an adult horse.
An adult can be ridden and breed and will consume the regular amount of feed.

Basic Horse Breeding/Heat Cycle
Stallions have a cool down of 2 days after breeding to a mare.
Mares go into a heat cycle about every two weeks, each cycle lasting between 1 and 3 days. When a mare is in heat, she will produce more urine, and show symptoms or being in heat. She will also start following stallions. This is when she can be bred.
After she gives birth, there is about an 85% chance she'll go into an after birth heat cycle, this is best for broodmares.
Mare-Care helps increase the chances of an after-birth heat cycle, and also helps produce a better foal.
Overweight mares (Above a body score of 7) have a small chance of having a miscarriage.
Underweight mares (Below a body score of 4) have a small chance of having a foal prematurely. Premature foals have a small chance of death during birth.

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Warning and Ban Information
In this forum is a description of things that may happen if you break the rules!

These rules are subject to change at ANY moment.

How many warnings make a ban?
Warnings can be given for many different things! Warnings will stay on your record as a player and are unable to be removed. Warnings can be given for things like spamming chat, excessive use of capital letters, minor griefing, arguing with players, being disrespectful, and many more! As a server, we have a limit to just how much we can tolerate.
Warnings given should not be argued over, if you have a serious problem with a warning you were given, you can ask to get it appealed and provide a good reason to have it appealed.

8 Chat Related Warnings (Capitals, spam, long chats, inappropriate behavior in chat, ect.) = 5 Day Temporary Ban.

6 Incomplete Barn Payments Warnings (Building, but not paying) = 3 Day Temporary Ban, 7 Day Creative Mode Ban (After the temporary ban)

4 Refusals To Comply To A Simple Request (Being asked to not do something, but continuing) = 3 Day Temporary Ban

2 Griefing Warnings (Destroying the property of others) = 8 Day Temporary Ban

3 Stealing Warnings (Taking another persons property) = 8 Day Temporary Ban, Must Pay Worth of Stolen Items or Give Back If Possible

5 Disrespect Warnings (Insults, excessive cursing at someone, unnecessary snappiness) = 5 Day Temporary Ban

5 Issue Starters (Starting fights with players or staff, arguing constantly, general unfriendliness) = 7 Day Temporary Ban

3 Warnings of Intentionally Getting Other Players Horse's Sick (Bringing your extremely contagious horse around other horses) = 7 Day Temporary Ban, Forced Payment Of Vet Bills Of The Horses That Got Sick

Anyone can be warned for anything, these are just some examples of what can get you banned! 

Here's what can get you permanently banned for:

Trolling (Only on the server to annoy and harass players and staff) = Permanent ban, no chance of appeal.

Extreme Griefing (Destroying a whole building or area of land) = Permanent ban, slim chance of appeal.

Attempting to Return Paid Features (Back charging or disputing payments) = Permanent ban, no chance of appeal.

Having Cheats/Mods (Item spawners, X-Ray, other cheats/mods) = Permanent ban, no chance of appeal.

Cheating Money (Over $100,000) = Permanent Ban, slim chance of appeal

If you have any questions on what will or will not get you a ban or warning, please message us.

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New Black Market Products
Can only be purchased on the online store!
+ Immortality Token
+ Instant Health Token
+ Eternal Health Token
+ EquestriToken

The Immortality Token gives horses the ability to never die through illness! There are two versions of this token, one being a token that wears off after ownership is transferred, and the other being a token that never wears off, and the horse will never die. The ones being granted to all horse owners is the token that wears off after purchasing.

The Instant Health Token is very valuable when a horse is ill beyond repair. When a horse has a negative body score and several diseases, and some are incurable, this token is perfect for horses that have been previously neglected. This token cures the horse of all ailments and sets the body score to a perfect 4.0 and hydration to a perfect 5.0. It provides a new quality of life for this special horse!

The Eternal Health Token is an extremely valuable tool to any horse owner that can't quite keep up with the care of their horses. A horse that has been granted the Eternal Health Token will require no care at all. No feeding, watering, vet care, hoof care, dental care, grooming, and no manure! Your horse will always have a perfect body score and always have healthy symptoms.

An EquestriToken is a secondary currency. Worth $10,000, this token can be used in place of the normal currency. Instead of paying $20,000 to breed your horses, you can pay with two EquestriTokens. Keep these tokens safe!

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3.0 RELEASE DATE 9 months ago
Our new update will be released on June 8th! It's been a long time coming and we are SO excited to finally allow everyone to see what we have.

We can't currently add all that we've been talking about lately, but here's what you WILL see on June 8th:
- Vet plugin
- Basics of farrier (hoof trimming and shoeing)
- Feeding
- Stall Cleaning
- Updated grooming
- Breeds
- Better ages of horses
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Breeding Rules 9 months ago
Breeding Rules

Both participating horses MUST be breed registered and the registration proof must be given at the time of breeding. (Official copy of registration book, renamed properly with the registration number. NO OTHER FORM OF REGISTRATION WILL BE TAKEN.)

If both horses are owned by the same player:

If both horses are owned by two different players:
$8,000 ($4,000 from each participating player.)

Rights to the Foal
Rights to the foal goes to whoever owns the mare during the time of breeding.
Rights include:
- Branding
- Naming
- Registering
- Bodily Decisions (vaccines and neutering)

All rights listed above are automatically given unless there are mutually agreed differences between participating parties.

However, if the party that does not own the mare pays a broodmare fee, that party will gain rights to the foal. When the broodmare fee is paid and accepted by the mare's owner, the mare owner understands that the other party now has rights to the foal. Ownership of the foal when born can be transferred briefly to the other party to brand.

How often can you breed?
Players Level-6 and up can breed up to 3 times per week. A breeding pass ($4,000) can be purchased for additional breedings (1 Breeding per pass).

Mares have a two week cool down period after the birth of a foal; unless the mare is bred again in an after-birth heat cycle.
Stallions have a two day cool down period after impregnating a mare.

What counts as one "breeding"?
The player who owns the mare that will be pregnant is the player that will use one of their breedings. 

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