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IGN: Kellour
By Kellour » 2 months ago
Hello! Here is a list of things that will be happening to prepare you for 3.0

Big Plans

-Plot world will be RESET
• It is overrun and there are too many inactive plots
• Too many w/e mistakes
• Too many road glitches
- Balances
• Balances over 600,000 will be set to 600,000
• ALL balances + prices will be reduced by 100% (600,000=60,000)
- Horses
• Each player gets to bring 8 horses to 3.0
• Horses will be recorded via Google Form
• Two weeks prior to 3.0, breeding will be halted so there are no pregnant mares
- Ranks
• Ranks will stay the same
- Items (Feed, accessories, ribbons, tack)
• /warp containers to rent a storage unit. The storage units will be brought over to 3.0
- Certifications
• Certifications are staying the same, however some may require a test retake incase of rules changing and/or test altercation.
- Non plot-world builds
• Most non plot world builds will be staying, however, some may be rebuilt just to upgrade.
- Jobs
• You will likely keep the server jobs you have, a LOT more jobs will be introduced. Player barn jobs will not be effected unless your employer says so.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to message me or any staff member! Questions asked will likely be added to this sheet.

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