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Breeding Rules

Both participating horses MUST be breed registered and the registration proof must be given at the time of breeding. (Registration number or official copy of registration book)

If both horses are owned by the same player:
Unlicensed: $8,000
Licensed: $4,000

If both horses are owned by two different players:
Unlicensed + Licensed: $8,000 ($3,000 for licensed, $5,000 for unlicensed)

Rights to the Foal
Rights to the foal goes to whoever owns the mare during the time of breeding.
Rights include:
- Branding
- Naming
- Registering
- Bodily Decisions (vaccines and neutering)

All rights listed above are automatically given unless there are mutually agreed differences between participating parties.

However, if the party that does not own the mare pays a broodmare fee, that party will gain rights to the foal. When the broodmare fee is paid and accepted by the mare's owner, the mare owner understands that the other party now has rights to the foal. Ownership of the foal when born can be transferred briefly to the other party to brand.

How often can you breed?
Without a breeding license, players may only breed twice in one week (seven days). 
With a breeding license, players can breed unlimitedly. 

Mares have a two week cool down period after the birth of a foal; unless the mare is bred again in an after-birth heat cycle.
Stallions have a two day cool down period after impregnating a mare.

What counts as one "breeding"?
The player who owns the mare that will be pregnant is the player that will use one of their breedings. 

Breeding License Rules
A breeding license can be terminated at any time if a breeding license registrar suspects abuse of the breeding license. 
Activities that may terminate a breeding license include but are not limited to:
- Neglect of any participating animals.
- Failure to vaccinate and get regular vet checks.
- Attempting to breed without a staff member present.
- Breeding without purpose.
- Giving breeding license benefits to unlicensed players. (Holding a mare or stallion to breed at licensed cost, then transferring ownership back after.)


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