Horse Appearance

Horse appearance will be very important in the health category, but also competing regularly in shows. Regular grooming prevents your horse from getting skin problems like Mange, Rain Rot and more! In disciplines like hunters, western pleasure, or in-hand classes, horse’s are heavily judged on appearance. So keep your horses clean!

List of all of the grooming and care items: 

-Shedding Blade

-Sweat Scraper

-Horse Shampoo


-Hoof Pick

-Hard Brush

-Curry Comb


-Hoof Oil


-Face Brush

-Fly Spray


– Betadine Scrub

– Wound-Kote Spray

– Thrush Buster

– Vet Wrap

– Sore-No-More

– Ice Pack

Every horse will have a point-based appearance scale. Each item listed will add a specific amount of points to this scale. The highest score is 10 points. After 30 hours of not being groomed, the horse will lose a total of 6 appearance points equating to one point lost every five hours.

Appearance points will often count towards your score in shows, so keep that horse clean!

Below is a list of what items give how many points, and how to use them.

Shedding Blade: Adds 1 appearance point. The shedding blade must be right clicked three times on the horse.

Bathing: To bathe your horse, you must use three items (Bucket of Water, Horse Shampoo, and Sweat Scraper) within 3 minutes of each other to add 3 points. If one item is not used, after three minutes, you will need to start over for it to add the points.

Comb: Right click on horse with the comb twice. This adds 1 appearance point.

Hoof Pick: Right click on horse four times for each hoof. This adds 1 appearance point.

Hard Brush: Right click on the horse 15 times to add 2 appearance points.

Curry Comb: Right click o. the horse 8 times to add 1 appearance point.

Clippers: Right click on the horse 1 time to body clip the horse and add 2 appearance points.

ShowSheen: Right click on the horse 1 time with ShowSheen to add 1 appearance point.

Hoof Oil: Right click 4 times on the horse to apply Hoof Oil to add 1 appearance point.

Face Brush: Right click 1 time to brush the horse’s face to add 1 appearance point

Some grooming tasks are more important than others. Picking your horses hooves is something that should be done daily if not everyday, this prevents hoof problems like thrush.

Using a Curry Comb and Hard Brush should also be used daily to avoid skin irritations like Mange, Fleas or Rain Rot.

You should spray your horse with Fly Spray at least 3 or 4 times a week to prevent West Nile, which is incurable! 

You do not have to complete a full 13/13 grooming routine everyday but doing at least the most important things regularly is a good way to keep your horse healthy and happy! Clean horses will show the symptom, Sleek. 

If you fail to keep up with grooming for an extended period of time, your horse will have a chance of developing skin, hoof and other health issues. These problems can lead to more serious issues if not treated!

Tip: Grooming is a great job for stablehands, keep those brushes moving and start grooming!

Check out this video for more information!!