How to Care for Your New Horse

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You are probably reading this now because you’ve gotten your horse, your crop lesson and a plot. A staff member has given you some items to start with! What do they do? Let’s start with your plot!

Your Plot:

On your plot is two stalls, a storage room, a well, and an empty muck heap. On the floor of the stalls is shavings, and in the corner of the stalls are a feed bowl, and cauldron for water.

What do I do first?:

First, let’s give your horse some water. In the light blue shulker is some basic supplies, which includes an empty bucket. Bring the bucket to the well, and fill it up. Put the water into the cauldron in the stall, so your horse has water to drink from. Your horse will drink some water every day, so make sure you keep the cauldron full. View your horse’s hydration via /h info.

What’s Next?:

Next, we’ll give your horse some hay to eat. Open the orange shulker and take out one flake of hay. Horses can only eat hay from the ground, not from the feed bowl. Place the flake of hay on the ground, next to the feed bowl. They will eat the hay slowly!

After That?:

After that, let’s give your new horse some grain. Open the red shulker and take out two pieces of Sports Feed. Then, open the pink shulker and take out one piece of SafeChoice Senior Feed. Finally, open the lime green shulker and take out one piece of Immune Boost feed. This is a full feeding for one day! For more information on feeding, visit Use /h info to view your horse’s health.

Then What?:

Then, we’re going to pamper your horse! In the light blue shulker is a collection of grooming tools. Use all the tools on the horse until you can’t anymore! To bathe your horse, use a bucket of water, shampoo, and a sweat scraper in that order. Use /h info to view your horse’s appearance. Neglecting grooming can cause yucky illnesses like mange and thrush.

Anything Else?:

Most definitely! Horse require regular vet and farrier visits. You can prevent disease by getting your horse vaccinated monthly. Call out a vet intern to get these done! Keep an eye on how your horse is feeling by doing /h symptoms. A healthy horse will display symptoms like Joyful, Energetic, and Sleek. If you have a mare, your horse has a heat cycle! Every 2 weeks, your mare will enter a heat cycle and her symptoms will display Moody, and Raising Tail. You’ll also notice she will follow stallions and soil shavings more often. Another important command is /h records. The records command shows the last time the horse got vaccinated, what medications it’s taken during the day, what feed it’s had during the day, and how long the horse’s feet are. You’ll want to have a farrier trim your horse’s hooves when the records show that the hoof growth is about 40 days.

What Do I Need To Be Careful Of?:

You should keep an eye out for hard, stone-like blocks when you ride. Riding over hard blocks too often can result in a hoof problem called an abcess. If you suspect your horse has an abcess, you should get a farrier out to help you!
If you notice a horse is sick, you should keep your horse away from them! Sick horses can sometimes be contagious, meaning if you get too close, your horse can get sick too!

If you have any further questions, please ask in our discord, in game, or PM a staff member!

Author: Kellour

Owner of Equestriworlds