Server Rules:

  1. NO GRIEFING! Griefing is only allowed in SURVIVAL on unclaimed land. This punishment can result in a ban.
  2. PROFANITY. Allowed to use in moderation but is NOT to be directed at players. If you are using excess profanity you will be asked to tone it down, if you do not comply you could be at risk for a mute.
  3. STEALING. Stealing can and will result in a ban! With multiple offenses it will result in a permanent ban.
  4. SPAMMING. No excessive use of capital letters or messages in chat. Message spam includes, message, party, global and plot chat. This can result in a mute or even a temp ban!
  5. ADVERTISING. No advertising other servers! We are okay with talking about other servers but it is very rude to advertise on our server.
  6. BE RESPECTFUL. To all staff and players, we are all people who have feelings and make mistakes!
  7. HACKING. Can and will result in a ban!

For more information on Warnings, Mutes and Bans, please check out,

Unwritten Rules:

These are rules that are not stated in our server rules but still apply to our game!

Unwritten Rules 2/20/22


》The only way to dispose of used shavings is through waste management. No “if”, “and”s or “but”s.

》You can have stall mats. However, your stall mat to shavings ratio must be **no less** then a 60/40 ratio. This means you have at least 60% shavings to 40% stall mats.

》Your stalls MUST have shavings in them. No ifs, ands or buts. If you have to be told more than twice to put shavings in your stall, you will get a GMC ban until you do so.

》Plot greetings and farewells MUST be PG.

》No exploring blank plots in barns, this creates a metric ton of lag.


》I thought this was obvious but don’t ban staff members from your plot.

》No player rescues! This includes buying sick horses for dirt cheap and then turning around and selling them for a huge profit!

》Muck heaps cannot be larger than 20×20.

》Players are not allowed to have more than 50 no-horse animals in total.

》All horse facilities that offer training, lessons, breeding, boarding, etc, must be inspected before allowing the businesses to run.


》“Fake” pastures (no real grass) are still paid for as a pasture.

》Grass arena is a grass arena, not a free open space that you can jump on.

》An XC TRACK can be bought as a race track. ¼ of a plot can be considered a track. The whole plot is 4 tracks.

》XC FIELDS need to be paid for as grass arenas.

》NO crop farms, they cause lag and are not beneficial to you.

》Measure your pastures, paddocks and arenas on the INSIDE of the fence, and not including the fence. Or do, I can’t stop you.

》Arenas and pastures may only go as far as mapping out with carpet before they must be paid for. If there is either fencing, footing or both, they must be already paid for. 

》Staff members are allowed to remove structures that are not paid for immediately. Save yourself and just buy the permit before you spend the time on it.

Barn Permit Refunds

Only staff are allowed to refund your barn permits!

– You should NOT be refunding a whole plot worth of permits. Either sell it or rebuild.

– Refunds only refund half the price of plot permits.

– DON’T ask multiple staff members over a week to keep refunding your items until everything is gone

*Advice: If you plan on rebuilding your barn, you don’t need to refund everything. Rebuild, and refund or repurchase as you go.*

》Pastures/Pens that are NOT for horses (cows, sheep, etc) DO NOT need to be paid for as a permit. This also includes things such as small chicken coops.

》Roundpen training set ups are OK but should be nothing more than some poles or 1b jumps.

》GMC won’t be given to someone without the plot owner/co-owners being online or if the plot owner/co-owner writes to a staff member stating a user is allowed gmc at that time.


》Small plots have been created to eliminate the public boarding mess caused by inactive players. They are 60×60, with a premade barn once the plot is claimed. Small plots can be modified if you wish, but using only GMS and by buying blocks in the block shop (No barn shop to buy permits).


  1. Buy blocks to build only! NO GMC!
  2. Plots are only to be owned by players UNDER Level-3. *Exception: Players who are coming back from a long break and don’t have the funds for a large plot right away.*
  4. NO BOARDING at other small plots.
  5. You may not SELL your small plot. If you do not want it anymore, just do /b delete (make sure to clear your belongings first).
  6. Small plots are CLEARED after 14+ days of inactivity.
  8. You should NOT keep your small plot past Level-3.
  9. You may have /fly if needed to build on your small plot.
  10. If you don’t own a small plot, DON’T buy blocks from the block shop. If caught, it’s a warning.


*If you have to ask if a show name is ok, its a no.*

》If your horse is ill, injured, anything health related going on- please take the advice of vets and farriers ONLY! This will save a lot of confusion when your horse isn’t getting healed. 

Now that we have speed-increasing shoe options, the speed limits for every discipline is STILL the same! Horses still must meet the barefoot speed limit. This means a true .44 barefoot horse cannot compete in a barrel race. 

Barrel Racing/Pole Bending

– Bare/other shoes .439 

– Aluminums .441 

Show Jumping / Cross Country

– Bare/other shoes .409 

– Aluminums .411 


– Bare/other shoes .429 

– Aluminums .431 


-Bare/other shoes .459 

– Aluminums .461

 – Race Plates .463

》Hiding unclaimed horses to bypass horse slots is NOT ALLOWED! We will find them.

》Dressage horses must be AT LEAST 1b.

》Sick horses is a horse that has anything other than happy symptoms in /h symptoms. 

– You should not bring sick horses to shows.

– You should not bring sick horses to anyone else’s barns (unless going straight into quarantine).

– Intentionally infect others horses. (This can result in a warning or tempban.)

– You should not bring sick horses to an auction. (There is a fee.)

》When selling a sick horse, you must disclose any information on a horse being sick to a potential buyer.

》Sick horse rules also apply to foals.


Some rules have been put in place due to multiple events in 2.0 and 3.0!

These are specifically in place for those who only intend on quitting to draw attention or be obnoxious after “quitting.” If neither of those apply to you, you have nothing to worry about!

If you’re planning to quit EquestriWorlds

– You will be banned from the server discord.

– You will be muted for 3-4 weeks on the server.

– You are ONLY to give away 3 horses to players and friends, the rest must go to rescue.

– Do NOT give away all your money.

If you are causing trouble via signs, bothering staff members, bothering players, we will send you to the server jail for the remainder of your mute.

If you plan on coming back

– You may not appeal until your first tempmute is expired.

– DM us on instagram or discord for an appeal.

– You will be muted for 1-2 weeks in global chat (you are still able to speak in local, party and pms).

– You can seek your horses that were given to friends but they do not have to give them back.

– Coming back to us with the intention to raise issues will result in a ban!

– You will be unbanned from the discord server.

– We will welcome you with open arms.

Short term breaks do not apply! Bans/mutes will vary by case.

Leaving on good terms? Don’t worry about anything! These rules have been put in place to avoid issues that we’ve had on multiple occasions. If you absolutely must go, it’s our loss!


The server is not responsible for ingame money trades for our online shop items from players.

Absolutely no refunds.

》Please ask a staff member for your items as soon as your donation message pops up in Discord or server chat!

》Do not wait a week or more to get your items.

》If you are buying something for a player, please only GIFT it to the player or sign into the store with their username. We will NOT give it to someone else if it’s not gifted or under their username.

》Only buy custom horses that match your rank limits.

》Do NOT buy a branding token unless you have your own brand already.

 》Threatening to refund payments to our online store can result in a ban.

》If you suddenly have “buyers regret” or your mom found out you stole her credit card, we are going to tell PayPal you most certainly did not get “hacked” and that the “hacker” would have to hack not only your PayPal, but also your Discord AND Minecraft account AND would have to magically known your moms credit card details and would have to know about EquestriWorlds in general.

》You can only get a new 9b custom if it was deleted due to inactivity.


Prefixes are for VIP+ and VIP++ area privileges that can be taken away if abused.

They must be:

A reasonable length: More than 13 characters are not allowed.

Appropriate: If your prefix contains profanity, drug-related or sexual terms, it’s not appripriate. This can result in a warning or mute, or both!

Non-Degrading: If your prefix degrades either yourself or others (Ex: “Your Ugly” “I’m Ugly”) you should change it.

Non-Triggering: Avoid the use of words such as depression, anxiety, suicide and other words related to self harm or mental health. (This could also result in a warning, mute, or both!)

》If you receive multiple warnings about inappropriate prefixes, we will take away your prefix command.


》In order to take your certification test for any discipline you must:

– Have all the requirements.

– All requirements must be valid.

– A show ribbon without a date or host name is invalid.

– Present lesson proofs and ribbons to discipline owner/leader.

》You can lose your certification if more than one valid complaint has been filed on improper hosting, unfair judgment, or it is shown that you do not understand the rules of the discipline.

》You must have your certification in a discipline if you want to host clinics, lessons, shows and classroom lessons, and own a club that focuses on a discipline.

》Classroom lessons are only to be hosted with permission of the discipline owner/leader.

》Hosts may not participate in shows or competitions with a money prize.

》Hosts should follow all guidelines for hosting provided by the discipline owner.

》 Clubs, associations, etc MUST be approved by a Head-Admin+ before operation begins.

》Entree/redo fee’s are only allowed in shows that have a money prize.

》All show fees must go towards money prizes.

》Shows WITHOUT money prizes are NOT allowed to have fees.

》Halter ribbons would go towards a Western cert since it is a part of that discipline. Anything else does not count in terms of certifications.

》Hosts are not allowed to participate in their own shows.

》If you pin fraudulent ribbons OR try to beat the ribbon system in any way, you will immediately be banned from breeding. This includes: pinning ribbons onto your horse not won by them, hosting shows for the purpose of your horse winning with other riders.


》Anyone under Level-6 are not allowed to breed or own pregnant mares.

》Player must own or co-own a brand to breed.

》Player must have a breeding barn that has passed certification and is up to date.

》Horses MUST be registered and in healthy shape with no illnesses.

》NO BREEDING CROSS-BREEDS. Horses are allowed to be cross-bred (as long as they make sense, breeders have the right to refuse a wrongful pairing) but cross-bred horses are not allowed to be bred (not including warmblood regions).

》Do NOT harass workers about registering your brand, registering your horse, etc.

》Breeding horses that you Co-Own: the owner of the horse needs to send a message to the breeder saying its ok or provide some sort of screenshot proof that the co-owner is in fact allowed to breed that horse. The message should include:

– Which horse it will be bred to at the time.

– Who gets ownership of the foal.

– If the breeder/owner is allowed/not allowed to sell.


》No giving away all your money when you plan on quitting.

》Balances may be cleared once a player has been offline for over 8+ months.

》No begging others for money. This includes asking for money in prefixes.

》When you receive banknotes, please redeem them immediately so you don’t risk losing them. Sometimes inventories glitch out and we will not be responsible for any loss if this happens.

》Money can be given as gifts to friends, purchasing barns together, etc.

》For money safety, please use /money send or /pay to transfer money from player to player if the transaction does not require a withdrawal slip. 

》You are responsible for being smart with your money. If you don’t have enough money but keep promising purchases to multiple people, it will eventually be counted as stealing.

》If you can’t afford to pay someone for their work or straight up don’t want to pay them, DON’T HIRE THEM! Warnings WILL be given out for never paying your employees and avoiding them like the plague.

》Even if your employee quits, you are still required to pay them for their work.


》Impersonating staff members by changing your prefix OR name is NOT ALLOWED.

》If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. It’s rude as hell to speak badly about something you play on. You don’t have to be here.

》I cannot believe this has to be said, Equestriworlds does not allow comments that are considered racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic or any sort of discrimination.

Here what you could win yourself by being any of the above:

– A Mute

– A Warning

– A Temporary Ban

– Even a Permanent Ban if you’re inconsiderate enough!

Don’t want any of those things listed above? By golly, all you have to do is be a decent human being!

》/countdown is only to be used for shows.

》Don’t DM advertise, it’s annoying. This applies to on the server and discord.

》NO POLITICS! We have enough outside our server.

》There should be absolutely no talk of drugs, alcohol, smoking or vaping for any reason. This includes ALL CHATS such as global, local and party. This also goes for our discord.

》Ads in chat should be posted a minimum of every 10 minutes, no more than that.

Discord Specific Chat permissions will be taken away from ad channels if you continuously spam them.


I cannot even believe I have to make this a category but here we are.

》Players should not attempt to coerce our staff members or developers to come to their own or another server to provide a service. Doing so can result in a ban of the player.

》EquestriWorlds staff members ARE allowed to view your PM’s and party chats to ensure the safety of the server and its players. Conversations that aren’t to do with EquestriWorlds or it’s players will be ignored and kept private.

》Staff members ARE allowed to use a translator to check in on your messages. The staff member should only continue to translate if the message could be threatening to EquestriWorlds or it’s players.

》Participating in a server hate/drama group chat will get you a hefty ban.

》EquestriWorlds does not condone the harassment of other servers. Bringing a clan of your friends to go advertise and troll on other servers, specifically equine servers, will result in a temp or perm ban.

》Having your friends comment on the Instagram about how stupid our rules are after you do something to get permanently banned makes us no less sorry for you.

》Making social media accounts for server ran businesses are NOT allowed.

》Do not flirt with staff. It’s weird, it’s very pick-me, just don’t do it.

》Staff are human beings (stocklingly), do not message someone for every little thing. You can live without GMC for an hour or two.

》If you are going to disrespect staff in and out of the server, it can result in warnings, mutes, bans, and much much more!

》Using the KellourPack and advertising it as your own results in a perm barn.

》Do not ask how to start your own server. It’s not only uncomfortable but it’s rude to come onto someone else’s hard work and expect to be told how to do so as well. 


》No asking staff why someone isn’t trial or didn’t pass trial, it’s just terribly awkward for everyone involved.

》Complaining about others’ promotions or not getting a promotion is a one stop shop to never get promoted.

》Please for the love of God and everything that is holy do not change your prefix to “Blank4Staff” or “PromoteBlank.” Not only is it super uncomfortable for us but it gives that person less of a change of actually getting promoted. 

》Never hint or ask a staff member to rank up. It will heavily slow down when you rank. You think it’s not obvious but it so is.


》All stores that sell anything like renamed tack, heads and decorated pieces must be approved by Stock Office.

》No auto farms in survival, they create the craziest lag.

》No exploring fat words. This can result in a warning.

》YOUR account is responsible for whatever YOUR account does. It doesn’t matter if your little brother did it, if your mom did it or if your pet dog Fido did it, it was still on YOUR account so YOUR account will be responsible.

》If your sibling suddenly has an interest in EquestriWorlds after you get banned, they will also be banned until your ban is over where you will then have to pass an alt test.

》You are responsible for the loss of the items in your inventory. We will no longer replace items that may have been lost while dying, switching inventories, etc.

》If you decided to restart your game play on EquestriWorlds and previously had a paid rank, you can have it back when you decide you want to go back to the paid rank. If you have already bought a second rank, contact an Owner so we can give you store credit.