Server Jobs

On EquestriWorlds we offer many server jobs as an opportunity to make money and help out the community! Listed below are the server jobs we currently have and a little bit about what they do.

Auctioneers: These are players who will hold auctions that you will be able to enter and sell your horses in. For more information about auctions you can go to /warp Auction.

Breeders: Breeders job is to help you breed your horses! If you want to breed your horse, call one over so they can help you out. Make sure you have your valid barn inspection paper and registry books with you.

NOTE: All staff and some vets are breeders.

Barn Inspectors: Barn inspectors job is go to your plot and make sure everything is up to code! You can apply for this at /warp FacilityInspection. Once they pass your barn they will drop off a valid barn inspection paper that you can use as proof for breeding, boarding or even having show grounds! Make sure you keep your card up to date!!

Bank: Need somewhere to store your money so you don’t accidentally spend it all? Well the Bank has you covered! Bankers will help you open up an account for all your savings needs!

Contractor: Need world edit? These are your guys! For a small fee they will help you with all your world edit needs! Some of them also do building/barn commissions.

Course Creators: Just bought a new arena for your plot but don’t know how to make a good course? Reach out to a Course Creator and they will be more then happy to help you with that problem! They are available to create all kinds of courses for any plot.

Donation Center: Need a place to get rid of old cloths that cluttering up your chest space or simply just look for a cheap new outfit? The Donation has you covered! Not only offering donations of all types but also items for a bargain!

KellourCo: Need feed for your horses? /warp KellourCo has your back! These workers work very hard to get you and your horse what you need. They have feed, treats and more items to help you take care of your horse! Need grooming tools? They got em!

Library: Bored and looking for a good read or even just to refresh yourself on some information? Head on over the library where you are able to get your very own library card and check out books!

Farrier: Farriers will help you keep your horses feet nice and healthy. Remember to call them out every 6-8 weeks to get your horses feet trimmed!

Vet: Horse is not feeling so good? Call a vet out! They will diagnose and give you advice on how to make your equine pal feel all better again.

Instructor: Thinking about taking up a new discipline but don’t know where do start? Ask an Instructor! They are there to help you learn different disciplines and help you towards your certifications! Need a lesson or show? Just ask!

Nickers: A small equestrian subscription box that can be signed up for monthly delivery! /warp Nickers to sign up.

Pedigree: Do you breed or plan on running a breeding facility? Well this is a place to check out. Pedigree sets you up with papers showing your horses family tree! This is important to have when breeding. /warp Pedigree to check it out!

Pharmacists: If your horse has had a visit from the Vet or Farrier, your most likely going to be directed to the Pharmacy. Pharmacists will help fill your prescriptions for your horses medication as well as over the counter orders. /warp Pharmacy is a one stop shop for all equine medical needs!

Photographers: Need some photos of your horses for your discord or instagram? Set up an appointment with a photographer at /warp Photography!

Player Shops (Stock Office): Do you have a really good idea for a store? Head on over to Player Shops and apply for a shop! Be able to run your own business, hire your own workers and get the supplies that you need!

Registry: These players are responsible for registering your horse to breed. Have a horse you want to breed? Go to /warp Registry to fill out an application. These books are important to have for breeding as breeders will ask for them before they can breed your horse.

Rescue: Looking for a horse who needs a forever home? Rescue is a place to check out. Send in an application for a horse and rescue workers will pair you up with your new best friend.

Tailory: Need some cloths for showing? These guys will hook you up! Place your order at /warp Tailory for all your clothing needs!

Taxidermy: Lost a beloved pet in game? Get a dog, cat, parrot, or horse replica to display! Keep in mind, a horse is only eligible if it was registered and the death had been certified

Waste Management: Need someone to come pick up your waste pile? These guys got you covered! Call one over and for a small fee of $1,000 they will pick up all your muck!