Warning and Ban Information

In this forum is a description of things that may happen if you break the rules! Last updated July 4th, 2020.

These rules are subject to change at ANY moment. Staff members on Equestriworlds are allowed to alter these warnings and bans for varying situations.

How many warnings make a ban?

Warnings can be given for many different things! Warnings will stay on your record as a player and are unable to be removed. Warnings can be given for things like spamming chat, excessive use of capital letters, minor griefing, arguing with players, being disrespectful, and many more! As a server, we have a limit to just how much we can tolerate.

Warnings given should not be argued over, if you have a serious problem with a warning you were given, you can ask to get it appealed and provide a good reason to have it appealed.

8 Chat Related Warnings (Capitals, spam, long chats, inappropriate behavior in chat, ect.) = 5 Day Temporary Ban.

4 Incomplete Barn Payments Warnings (Building, but not paying) = 3 Day Temporary Ban, 14 Day Creative Mode Ban (After the temporary ban)

2 Refusals To Comply To A Simple Request (Being asked to not do something, but continuing) = 5 Day Temporary Ban

2 Griefing Warnings (Destroying the property of others) = 8 Day Temporary Ban (Does not apply in Survival Server).

Stealing (Under 10k)= 1st Offense: Warning, 2nd Offense: 8 Day Ban, 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban. Low chance of appeal.

Stealing (Over 10k)= 1st Offense: 5 Day Ban, 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban. Low chance of appeal.

3 Warnings of Intentionally Getting Other Players Horse’s Sick (Bringing your extremely contagious horse around other horses) = 7 Day Temporary Ban, Forced Payment Of Vet Bills Of The Horses That Got Sick

Anyone can be warned for anything, these are just some examples of what can get you banned! 

Here’s what can get you permanently banned for:

Trolling (Only on the server to annoy and harass players and staff) = Permanent ban, no chance of appeal.

Extreme Griefing (Destroying a whole building or area of land) = Permanent ban, slim chance of appeal.

Attempting to Return Paid Features (Back charging or disputing payments) = Permanent ban, no chance of appeal.

Having Cheats/Mods (Item spawners, X-Ray, other cheats/mods) = Permanent ban, no chance of appeal.

Cheating Money (Over $50,000) = Permanent Ban, slim chance of appeal

4 Disrespectful Behavior Warnings (Insults, excessive cursing at someone, unnecessary snappiness, lying to staff members) = Permanent Ban

5 Issue Starters (Starting fights with players or staff, arguing constantly, general unfriendliness) = Permanent Ban

Economic Vulturism (Infringements may include attempting to corner/monopolize a market, buying horses with the suspected intention to flip for profit, buying black market items with the suspected intention to flip for profit, publicly obsessing over monetary gain, abusing any loophole you possibly can to make more money than necessary, forcing the server to create rules and restrictions just for you, or any actions which aid and/or lead to the aforementioned violations.) = Permanent Ban

If you have any questions on what will or will not get you a ban or warning, please message us.

Author: Kellour

Owner of Equestriworlds